Recently you must have stumbled onto Dubrobot. Perhaps the strange machine appeared when you crossed a time threshold or slowly entered your lane on the highway.  Its not strange that you are here seeking more information.  Time is valuable, except when it is wasted. 

Musician and studio producer Brian Wallace is known for his Saxophone work with a wide variety of artists from the west coast.  From his early days with Sublime (40oz to Freedom) to current titles, he strives for soul and rhythm in the Los Angeles music scene.  He works under the name Dubrobot and enjoys a long term association with Scientist as his mix assistant.  In 2019 "Jr Thomas and the Volcanos" have reached #1 on the Billboard Reggae Charts with Rockstone an Album played on and mastered by Dubrobot.  Brian produces sound for film, music and artists at Majestic Sound Studios where creativity, time and space collide with spectacular results. DUBROBOT is an art car that houses his dub mixing sound system and attracts musicians from all over the world. 

Join the mission and support time recycling before its too late!  Now is more important than ever before and Dubrobot has the technology to help you find it.